George Allen Making A Comeback in 2012?

November 17, 2010

The left-wing polling firm PPP released a poll today highlighting possible U.S. Senate match-ups for Virginia in 2012. PPP reports that Republican turned Democrat, Jim Webb, leads George Allen by 49-45. The 4 point deficit that Allen faces is very easy to overcome–and Jim Webb knows that.

Allen would have a further boost if Obama is on the ballot in 2012. Webb will have to distance himself from his support of ObamaCare, Stimulus, Bailouts, etc.. Allen has a very easy advantage when it comes to this.

And even better news for Allen is that PPP always favors Dems in their polls. So Allen being behind by only 4 points is probably off, meaning that Allen is tied or ahead. And the margin of error on the poll was 4%, which is another advantage for Allen.

With Webb below 50% of support 2 years out, he must be on the phone with the White House seeing what type of jobs are open in the Obama administration.

Which leads to another interesting tidbit on the poll. They tested Tim Kaine’s name as well.

According to

The poll also asked voters about a possible matchup between former Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and the Republicans. Kaine scored a 50-44 lead over Allen, 50-39 over Cuccinelli and 48-41 over Bolling.

Kaine is a long-shot candidate in 2012 and would have a lot of the same negatives on the campaign trail that Webb has–if not more.

At this point, it looks like Allen could cruise back to the Senate.


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