Newt Gingrich Choking

The latest polls in the NY 23 race show Doug Hoffman leading the other two candidates (Dede Scozzafava-R and Bill Owens-D). Hoffman is the Conservative Party candidate.

Newt Gingrich endorsed Dede Scozzafava, the liberal Republican candidate in the race. Looking ridiculous as Newt usually does, he is still defending his support of Sozzafava even after her campaign looks doomed.

Quin Hillyer from the American Spectator writes:

IF this latest poll is accurate, showing Hoffman now leading the three-way race in New York’s special congresional election, then Newt Gingrich, Pete Sessions, John Boehner, and all the party hacks, including the NRCC staff who reportedly helped talk the local New Yorkers into endorsing Dede Scozzafava, will be eating so much rancid crow that they are bound to cough and choke and splutter. And they will deserve every bit of it. And this is before news of Scozzafava’s latest ethical questions had any real chance to permeate the consciousness of voters. Frankly, Newt Gingrich should be ashamed. He has been Beltwayed. (Continue reading)

But Newt continues to walk towards the cliff in a Politico article from earlier today:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is warning conservative activists that their support for a third-party candidate in a key upcoming New York special election is a “mistake.”

In a video captured last week and posted on YouTube Friday, Gingrich told tea party organizer Lisa Miller at a book-signing event that conservatives are inadvertently hindering the cause by backing Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman over Dede Scozzafava, the Republican Party’s nominee.

“I just think it is a mistake for the conservative movement to think splitting in the special election is a smart idea,” Gingrich said. “If we give that seat to the Democrats, shame on us.”

A number of top national conservative voices have endorsed Hoffman in the last week, while others have yet to weigh in on behalf of either candidate. Gingrich, however, is one of the few prominent conservatives to support Scozzafava.

Asked why he chose to back Scozzafava, who supports abortion rights, same sex marriage and has ties with local labor leaders, Gingrich responded, “Let’s just start with she is the nominee of the local party. My bias is to be for the nominee of the local party, and I don’t second guess the local party.”

There you have it folks. If you think that Newt Gingrich stands on principle, then you clearly have your eyes shut and ears covered.

I guess Newt has been out of power so long that he forgot how to read polls. This election is in Hoffman’s court and Scozzafava is in dead last according to the most recent poll.

(H/T American Spectator, Club for Growth and Politico)

9 Responses to Newt Gingrich Choking

  1. Noot says:

    Newt is a hack. Always has been and always will be. I hope people back off of him and stop elevating him to such a high position in the so called “conservative movement”.

  2. says:

    Newt has been a parasite for Cons for quite some time. He and his ilk should move on or face being tossed out. If Newt is so principled, why can’t he ever stand on them? He helps the DNC more than anyone else he thinks he helps.

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  4. euandus says:

    I suspect that the evangelical dominance in the Republican Party will result in the party being relegated to a third party. I wonder if we may see a shift from the two parties we have known? I have posted on this at

    You might be interested in this article:

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  9. Ilhem says:

    Well, Newt is different now that he is a Catholic. Wife nmuber 3 (you know her, she;s the one he was cheating on wife nmuber 2 with when wife nmuber 2, you know her, she’s the one he was cheating on wife nmuber 1 with when wife nmuber 1 divorced him so he could marry wife nmuber two and she could divorce him for cheating with wife nmuber 3) is a Catholic and so he became a Catholic. Just goes to show you how RCIA and the rest of that Vatican II c*** works. I don’ know but give me Pius XII, old time Catholicism, and Harry Truman. I know he was a Democrt but at least unlike Ike he didn’t cheat on his wife

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